type 2 / the helper

Twos receive information from others and attune to their necessities. They want to connect with others and feel that being needed gives them value. It is hard for them to ask for help. They are very caring and willing to help and cooperate with others. Sometimes

they can be intrusive and give their intentions where they are not needed. They tend to focus their attention on others and it is hard for them to focus on their own needs, desires and feelings. They do onto others what they would like others to do to them. They think they know what others need even before they ask. This sometimes can get them into trouble, specially if they are not aware of their behavior and don’t respect boundaries.

TESTIMONIAL: “ I identify myself with type two in the Enneagram. Specially with the following characteristics: being empathetic, warm-hearted, friendly, generous and always open to helping others. Being self-sacrificing, sentimental, people-pleasing and putting others’ needs before mine.”