type 3 / the achiever


Threes receive information from others attuning what they perceive others expect of them, in order to be seen as successful. They are doers and can make things happened. It’s hard for them to relax and enjoy their accomplishments. They tend to think right away on the next project or goal. It’s hard for them to get in touch with their feelings because they think they will get in between the ability to accomplishment. They identify with their role and unconsciously think they are this role.

TESTIMONIAL: “I identify myself with type three in the Enneagram because it is very hard for me to relax. I am constantly seeking things to do and making lists of tasks. I do not let feelings get in the way. When people ask me how am I, I respond based on what I am doing, rarely based on how I am feeling. When I set my mind to do something I don’t stop until I make it happen. I am very assertive and sure of myself. I know I am capable of reaching my goals.”