type 4 / the individualist


Fours want to be unique and authentic and do not want to be considered as one more of the pack; they want to differentiate themselves from others. That can play in their disadvantage because they feel like outcasts. They have access to their different emotional states and can be empathetic, although sometimes they get confused with the feelings in the present and the feelings from the past. They are melancholic, dramatic and can victimize themselves. When something affects them, they show it right away. They are very creative, deep, empathic and attuned with the emotions that surround them.

TESTIMONIAL: “I feel like I am a special person in some way. I am very artistic and enjoy expressing myself everyday through photography or writing. Everything I see has a purpose; everything can be transformed and, in the end, everything is art.

I have always felt like an outcast and that I am not quite like the others. It hurts so much to feel this way. Trying to fit in in society.