type 5 / the investigator


Fives strive to be detached from situations, so they can analyze them without letting feelings get in between. They can also be detached from other people. They feel that they have just a certain amount of energy; consequently they feel drained by others’ demands and company. They like to spend time alone and value their privacy and secrecy. They compartmentalize their emotions and life. Sometimes, they don’t even want to be touched. They are investigators and won’t talk about something unless they really know about the topic. They can be minimalists. They want to be independent and want others to be independent to. 

TESTIMONIAL: “I am a five in the Enneagram. One of the reasons I identify myself with this type is because I perceive a world that drains my energy, consequently I try to be self-sufficient so I won't need or depend on others. I am very observant, and when something interests me, I want to know everything about it.”