type 7 / the enthusiast

Sevens focus their attention on things that get them excited. They are easily connected with the joy of living. They are upbeat and can lift others’ spirits. Sevens have difficulty accepting negative reactions from others and in order to protect themselves they rationalize about such situations. They don’t like to be restricted and see the world as an array of possibilities. They have difficulty choosing something because they feel they will miss other

options. They get easily distracted because of their interest in many things at the same time. Sevens love to tell stories and use laughter as an escape valve when they feel things are getting too serious.


“I identify myself with type seven’s strategy because it is easy for me to access joy. I am a very positive person and it is hard for me to accept what I consider to be negative emotions. I know when I am being bullied but there is something in me that doesn’t let me acknowledge it, like a veil that doesn’t let me see clear. I like many different things and it has been hard for me to choose my career since almost everything excites me. When I like something I need to share it. I need to make others feel excited too. The Enneagram has helped me realize all this things and work with them.”