type 9 / the peacemaker

Nines protect their territory by merging with others. They don’t want to confront or break anything that they consider will take their peace away. They stay in their inner sanctuary escaping the requests of others. They have a problem with accessing the right amount of energy needed to be in the world and confront reality. They forget about themselves and follow the agenda of others. They can understand the different point of views which makes them very good mediators. They can see the big picture and seek consensus and agreement of parties involved. 

TESTIMONIAL: “One of the most difficult things for me as a type nine has been to learn to say no. I do not like conflicts and tend to sweep them under the rug instead of dealing with them right away. I tend to merge with others’ agendas in order to be accepted. Sometimes I feel that my opinions do not matter and that I am not important. Many times I feel overwhelmed and prefer not to deal with reality.”